HUB Week - Boston

We’ve attended a few session in the past, but this week we had time and energy to attend a wide selection of sessions in the annual HUB Week events put on by the Boston Globe and Massachusetts General Hospital, along with Harvard University and MIT.

The events ranged from a morning Laughter Yoga session (mindfulness FTW!) by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine to an evening music session by Red Shaydez.

More details, photos, and commentary from the various events can be found on twitter via: #hubweek

Our single favorite session was inter(x) organized by Malia Lazu of the Urban Labs, with a set of nine speakers introducing the intersectionality of diversity and inclusion. See photos and commentary via the search: #hubweek #interx

The HUB Week sessions were an eclectic mix of technology, health, and art - with regular interplay across the topics. It was great to see so much variety and diversity right here in Boston.