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Given the complexity of modern technology stacks and the complexity of modern technology teams, it is no longer sufficient to operate on your own, to allow traditional silos of work groups and job descriptions to limit your company's potential and your teams' results.

Our Mission

We will partner with and advise the members of your team on both technology and collaboration. We have successfully designed, built, deployed, and managed large scale computing environments for customers around the world (colloquially, we have built many "clouds" both private and public). We have worked in open source, inner source, and proprietary technology stacks, with deep cross-industry connections and collaborations. We have taken great technology ideas from the back of a napkin to production deployment worldwide. We have worked across timezones and cultural gaps, focusing on the key ingredients to getting things done, while eliminating barriers and navigating complexity wherever it arises.

With over thirty years of combined technology experience, we can be a trusted partner to you and to your teams, whether for days-long advisory sessions, weeks-long training, or months-long joint prototyping, deployment, or organizational projects. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in short periods of time. Our most successful engagements occur when we are able to address both the technological and the people barriers to success, when we are able to truly help you find what and who works best together.

Works Together helped us overcome a key technical hurdle, as well as adjust the culture of our team to be more inclusive and collaborative. Their dual approach is uniquely powerful.
— John Smith, Large Technology Company*
Our teams were operating in silos, stuck in the way they had Always Done Things. Then the Works Together crew came along and got us all working toward common goals and allowing us to focus on customer results.
— Emily Jackson, Mammoth Fortune 500 Tech Giant*

What We've Achieved

  • Assisted technology organizations in their move from silos of purpose-built, bespoke computing systems to efficient, shared, cloud-based technology stacks (both on-premise and hosted).

  • Enabled service providers to launch new, competitive services for their customers and consumers built on the newest technologies, reliably integrated and deployed.

  • Enabled companies to a la carte various portions of their technology and services stacks as they see fit, building the technology they have core expertise in, buying the rest from proven partners.

  • Allowed companies to keep pace with the ever-growing digital footprints of their customers and their own businesses.

  • Enabled teams to operate at their full productive potential by removing barriers to effective communication & collaboration.

  • Taken multiple great new technology ideas from the back of a napkin, thru prototypes, to commercial deployment.

  • Created and led industry-wide collaborations where traditional competitors pool their time and energy for collective success.

  • Organized partnerships across diverse groups and functions within large organizations to accelerate cooperation and collaboration.

  • Achieved technical leverage and efficiencies thru effective use of open source without compromising enterprise-grade scalability and resilience.

  • Facilitated the development of joint IP among groups of erstwhile competitors.

  • Overcome unique technical challenges across hardware components, software layers, and ecosystem participants.

  • Contributed to open source software projects, as well as inner source and proprietary software stacks.

Our technology really works together now!
— Jane Smith, Startup CEO*
Our team really works together now!
— Jack Jones, Technology Pioneer Grown Into Marketplace Leader*

*illustrative customer quotes, these do not all represent paid customer engagements