We work with companies small, large, and medium to assist and accelerate your productivity and your time-to-solution. The modern organization has many functions and silos designed to address both technical and business execution, but are these groups working together effectively for you? Our key areas of expertise are shown below. Let us know how we can help you.


Cloud Platforms | Hybrid

Continuous Integration | Deployment

Ecosystem Strategy

Due Diligence | M & A

Open Source | Inner Source


Enterprise Readiness

Integration | M & A

University Programs

Developer Community


Remote Teams | Distributed Teams

Flexibility | Agility

Empathy | Communications



Each of the key areas shown above can be a critical point of leverage in the modern technology landscape. Even if some of these seem like they are already someone else’s job within your company or organization, chances are that you could achieve more, could improve your productivity and execution, by assessing and adjusting in some of these areas. We’ve been there ourselves and we know from first-hand experience the power of making selective investments in each of these areas to accelerate your execution and your business results.