Open Source Summit NA - Vancouver

We are always excited for an excuse to visit lovely Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The amazing scenery & nature views, as well as a super modern city, plus the great cosmopolitan atmosphere are refreshing and inspiring. We have spent time in all the large North American cities, and Vancouver is one of our absolute favorites.

We had the privilege of presenting this week at the Open Source Summit NA (formerly LinuxCon). Our founder Erik Riedel presented together with Nithya Ruff from Comcast on everyday opportunities for mentorship in technical jobs - discussing specific stories and techniques that have been successful for them as both employees and as managers & leaders. They tried to give specific and actionable advice, build on their many years seeing what works and what doesn’t first hand. The talk slides are available here.

There were many other great talks and technical and cultural topics during the week, see photos and highlights via the twitter search: #ossummit

So many excellent, wide-ranging, & relevant topics and discussions.

The single most powerful presentation all week was the keynote session with Van Jones and Jamie Smith from the Linux Foundation discussing the empathy gap in technology and how everyone can make a difference to mentor and support each other. Jones also reminded the room of technologists that “with great power, comes great responsibility!”