Open Source Leadership Summit - California

We joined the Open Source Leadership Summit (OSLS) this week in California, caught up with many old friends, and met many new ones. Our founder Erik Riedel moderated an energetic panel session with four experienced leaders & practitioners in open source offering advice and discussion on Everyday Mentoring, Growth, and Collaboration. There was excellent audience interaction and many actionable insights for both the audience and the panelists.

We heard about the continued growth and expansion of the Kubernetes community for scalable systems deployment and operation, as well as launch of the new Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) with several initial projects contributed by industry leaders in support of DevOps practitioners worldwide. We got a chance to catch up with Kohsuke Kawaguchi for a short discussion on how the benefits of CI/CD have allowed companies to make changes to both their technology pipelines as well as to their engineering culture. We had gotten the chance to hear Kawaguchi’s inspiring background story of Jenkins and CloudBees during his Hackers Gotta Eat community session at FOSDEM last month.

In another exciting development for those of us who work at the boundary between hardware and software systems, the RISC-V Foundation (“risk five”) is further increasing its collaboration with the Linux community and announced a new CEO Calista Redmond who introduced herself to the audience. There will be a series of upcoming events to spread the word about open source processors for data centers and embedded (now “IoT”) use. The foundation also launched the CHIPS Alliance (Common Hardware for Interfaces, Processors and Systems) to accelerate open innovation around hardware systems with multiple new members.

The foundation also launched the long-awaited Community Bridge program led by the newest Linux Foundation Fellow Shuah Khan which provides a place for maintainers, mentors, donors, and employers to come together to match project maintainers with experienced mentors and corporate + individual donors. Express your interest in projects, or make a donation today!

There were many other announcements, talks, and hallway discussions to motivate and inspire, including a few captured by tweet at: #lfosls

This is always a great event to kick off the open source year and catch up with new folks & projects.