Collaboration Is Key

Your current employees are your most important source of untapped creativity and insight. They know your systems better than anyone else. They know your customers better than anyone else. They know your barriers to success better than anyone else.

Why aren't you listening to them?

Do you regularly encounter "not invented here" syndrome? Do you regularly hear about the inherent complexity of adopting new technologies? Do you hear about how new tech that might be working well for Other Companies just doesn't apply, can't apply to your own unique situations?

Do you see employees being left out of discussions? Do the same loud voices dominate your decisions-making meetings? Do you invite dozens of attendees to discussions, but get only partial attendance and humdrum participation?

Does it feel like people aren't working together?

If any of the above resonates with you, or sounds eerily familiar, then you might have not just a technology problem, but also a people problem.