Collaboration Leadership Summit - Portland

We attended the Collaboration Leadership Summit for the first time this year, in part because we knew that many of our open source friends would be there and have raved about it.

The event was excellent, with so many different community organizers - from tech and from adjacent fields - sharing their knowledge and experience.

The combination of structured presentations and open “unconference” discussions was a great format, and allowed us to cover a wide range of topics and issues. At events like these, it is always awesome when the format allows participants to interact with each other, sharing insights and ideas, not just a stream of information from the stage or podium.

The venue at the Portland Convention Center was also excellently situated, easy walking distance from downtown hotels, including a lovely walk across one of several Willamette River bridges.

The best talk among so many in session was by Kara Sowles with great clip art about how community management fits into various departments and groups - clearly shows the power of community to make a difference inside organizations and when organizations interact with each other and the wider technology world.

There was also a great unconference session about self-care that included some excellent discussion and testimonials on how everyday mindfulness can help us all keep balance and perspective - so powerful and so easy to forget self-care in today’s rapid technology world.

Additional photos and key points from us are viewable via this twitter search: #CLSummit